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Simpex vs Digitek (November 2020) – Reviews

Simpex vs Digitek (November 2020) – Reviews

Hello guys, in this post I will tell you the exact difference between Simpex vs Digitek tripods. In this post arrange top simpex tripods one side and on other side I reviewed all top digitac tripods. I am picking these two new brands of tripods just because of these two brands are are Highly popular.

Simpex Tripods

Hi Guys, Today I will survey simpex tripods. I will enlighten you concerning the nature of the item and I will take you in profound detail of the item. In the event that you are searching for a modest tripod which is best in quality than read this survey article till the end. Subsequent to perusing this article.

you can distinguish about the nature of the tripod and can sort out how this tripod functions. You will learn more straightaway. So continue perusing this Simpex Tripod Review article post till the end. I survey this item after utilization of 30 days. This is my own personal conclusion about the item. Last choosing will be yours to purchase this item. This tripod is from Simpex Brand. Simpex is a Brand in Photography Bussness. Simpex vs Digitek.

They sell a wide range of Photography Acessories This is the low value tripod from Simpex. This is the light form tripod from Simpex for Beginners. Who began Photography. Best in quality and Easy to Carry.

Simpex Camera Tripod 6633 with Mobile Holder

  1. This Tripod is Come With the Mobile Holder and By This It Hold Any Mobile
  2. It Can hold Maximum 3 Kg of Wright
  3. It’s a Completely For Photography
  4. Premium finish light weight professional tripod with adjustable height and clip lock legs.
  5. It is Compatible With All types of Camera’s and Smartphone


  • It is Best Tripods Under 1000
  • Value of Money
  • It’s a Completely Easy to use Even if You are Beginner
  • Highly Stability


  • No Cons Yet

Simpex Tripod C-606 – Professional Tripod

Simpex unique item – Tripod C-606 is comprised of top notch Aluminum composite with a payload of 2.5 kg and a widespread speedy delivery plate. With four areas, switch, lock legs it is anything but difficult to store.Tripod – C-606 is light weight, reduced and ultra thin plan. Simpex Tripod C-606 is a versatile gadget and accompanies convey sack. It has a customizable shooting point and supports vertical shooting.


  • Is made up of high quality Aluminum alloy
  • With a payload of 2.5 KG comes with universal quick release plate
  • Simpex Tripod C-606 is very portable and comes with carry bag
  • With adjustable shooting angle; supports vertical shooting
  • Lightest weight in the category with Ultra Slim / Compact design


  • Very cheap Price

Simpex Tripod VCT 880 Plus 

Simpex unique item – Tripod VCT 880 Plus with Bag for DSLR Camera has an expert liquid hydrating head that can take a most extreme heap of 10 Kg. It has an expert level air pocket. This tripod is made with a blend of Aluminum and Plastic for light weight, minimal and ultra thin plan. Simpex Tripod VCT 880 Plus is a compact gadget and accompanies convey sack. It has a separable snappy delivery plate for rapidly interfacing with the camera.


  • Tripod comes with a professional fluid hydrating head
  • It has a professional level bubble
  • Tripod is very portable and it comes with carry bag
  • Has a detachable quick release plate for quickly connecting to the camera
  • Lightest weight in the category with Ultra Slim / Compact design


  • No Cons

Simpex Professional Aluminium Tripod 540-TM Tripod

Simpex unique item – Tripod 540-TM Tripod Cum Monopod with convey Bag has Multipurpose Head For Low Level Shooting , Panning and DV Camera. It can arrive at the most extreme tallness of 5ft. The tripod has solid rubberised legs for that additional steadiness.

The air pocket head needs an even surface to work accurately The Tripod 540-TM Tripod Cum Monopod is made with a blend of Aluminum and Plastic for light weight, minimal and ultra thin plan. Simpex 540-TM Tripod Cum Monopod is a versatile gadget and accompanies convey sack. It is a 2 out of 1 Tripod + Monopod.


  • Multipurpose Head For Low Level Shooting , Panning & DV Camera
  • Can reach the maximum height of 5ft and is a 2 in 1 Tripod + Monopod
  • Is very portable and it comes with carry bag
  • Has sturdy rubberised legs for that extra stability
  • Lightest weight in the category with Ultra Slim / Compact design


  • Bit Expensive But Well

Simpex VCT-691RM Video Tripod

Simpex 691 Tripd VCT Mini Microphone & Camera Stand Clip Bracket Holder Tripod Monopod Mount Adapter for Mobile Phone Video Tripod.


  • Very Light Weighted
  • Good Standing Stability
  • Worth to buy
  • Value For Money
  • Best For Beginners


  • Little Price is High

Digitek Tripods

The DigiTek Professional DV Tripod DTR 520 BH comes encased in a helpful and agreeable pack which makes it advantageous to convey while voyaging. From the start, the tripod shows up all around completed and solid. It end up being a decent partner during photography meetings. At a collapsed stature of 445mm, the tripod is reduced and convenient. Simpex vs Digitek.

I ended up utilizing it broadly for my untamed life and nature full scale photography. The bend lock framework for the tripod legs work easily and are pretty dependable. For an individual like me who as often as possible works with screw locks on tripods, I discovered this to be a lot simpler to become acclimated to. The lower part of the middle bar likewise has a snare to clutch a barricade. Simpex vs Digitek.

DIGITEK DTR 550 LW Tripod for DSLR

  • Sturdy Rubberized Legs
  • 3 Ways head With Fully adjustable PAN
  • Equipped with bubble
  • Multipurpose Quick Release head
  • Help of clip lock set it up
  • Compatible with All types of Devices
  • When it comes to image quality This Tripod is Preferred
  • Adjust the spread of the legs to allow the tripod to be used at different heights

DIGITEK DTR 455 LT Tripod for DV Cameras and Smartphone

  • Very Easy Flip Lock Legs
  • Managed Upto 3 Kg Wright
  • PC sync socket have the screw can be lock
  • Easy to carry and exquisite appearance
  • The TTL flash and the PC Socket of the studio flash can work at the same time
  • Available to use on the studio light and flashgun trigger through PC socket

DIGITEK DTR 200 MT Portable & Flexible Mini Tripod

  • The mini tripod works with most Smartphones, GoPro, DSLR and compact cameras
  • High quality tripod equipped with non skid rubber feet for extra solid grip , even in a tilted position.
  • Digitek Portable Mini Tripod with 3 Leg Base for All Mobile phones

IGITEK DPTR 620 VD Heavy Duty Video Tripod

  • Professional fluid video head
  • Professional level bubble
  • Spreader and center column lock button
  • Simple and practical flip lock

DIGITEK DPMP 172B Professional Monopod With Tripod

  • Ultra portable cum heavy duty
  • Strong and sturdy
  • photographs with help from this Digitek DPTR-880 Pro Lightweight Monopod

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